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Recycling Plant Repair & Preventative Maintenance

Keep all your equipment functioning at optimum performance with plant repair and preventative maintenance services from Midwest Recycling Service & Sales, Inc., Our service-oriented approach means our crew repairs and maintains all recycling equipment.

Maintain Your Plant's Equipment

Our experienced technicians are ready and available to provide all types of recycling plant services, including off hours and emergency calls. We can perform all maintenance on your equipment, including:

Operational Performance Enhancements, Adjusting Flow and Transition points (keeping material on conveyor belts, not on the ground)
Replacing, Rebuilding & Retrofitting Older or Outdated Equipment

Preventive Maintenance, including at a minimum: greasing bearings, tracking belts, and changing discs.  Baler repairs, maintenance and complete overhauls!

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our wide range of recycling plant repair and preventative maintenance services.